NinaI’m a postdoctocal researcher working in the Situated Cognition Group under the lead of Prof. Dr. Tobias Schlicht at the Department of Philosophy at Ruhr University Bochum.

My research focuses on issues in philosophy of mind, epistemology and philosophy of cognitive science. In philosophy of mind and epistemology, I work on the relation between similarity and concepts as well as their role for perceptual learning and reasoning. In philosophy of cognitive science, my work centres on the evaluation of scientific strategies to explain such cognitive phenomena. Other interests of mine concern the nature of explanation, unification and pluralism in philosophy of science, language learning and the science of AI.

I completed my PhD in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mark Sprevak (Edinburgh), Prof. Dr. Alistair Isaac (Edinburgh) and Prof. Dr. Peter Brössel (Bochum). I received my MSc in Cognitive Science and a BA in Philosophy and Social Science from Ruhr University Bochum.

During my previous studies, I have been a visiting researcher at the Department of Philosophy (KGW) in Salzburg and in the Emmy Noether Research Group ’From Perception To Belief and Back Again’ in Bochum.

You can find my CV here.